After-Lite™ introduces a revolutionary energy-free lighting solution for fluorescent light systems!

Charged by the fluorescent tube, the After-Lite linear strip, backed with premium 3M adhesive bursts out with a soothing green glow that allows the owner to move safely about the room when the light is switched off or there is a loss of power.

The Fotolum® Company, maker of the After-Lite product solution, has earned a reputation for creating unique, high-grade, advanced photo luminescent products for lighting and safety applications that are unmatched in quality worldwide.

  The key to Fotolum’s product performance begins with advanced, high-grade photo luminescent crystals. Rare earth minerals are combined and processed under intense heat and pressure by a leading developer of high-grade photo luminescent safety products. The result is the culmination of over 14 years of experience in the development of these revolutionary energy-free safety solutions.

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